Hi, I’m Tai, and I’m a full stack designer.

This means that I use tons of different tech, spanning mediums and disciplines to bring a project through the whole development pipeline.

Most of what I do entails:

Websites: Design, Development, User Interface, Ecommerce, Web Apps, Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Search Engine Optimization.

Print: Graphic Design, Production, POP Displays, Trade Show Assets, Forms & Business Essentials, Catalogues, Vendor Selection.

Marketing: Google Analytics, Adwords, SEO, Facebook Ads, Social Media Assets, Ad Copy for Print, Direct Mail, Proximity Systems, Kiosks, Presentation Stacks.

This is a professional model, not Tai :-)

Checkout what I’ve been doing for the past 2 decades, or so.

I have spent much of my career in inhouse marketing positions. This usually meant that I had to wear many hats. Some of them less glamorous than others, but are no less essential to a business’ branding and operational success.

Tech I like to use most:

I have been doing a little bit of “this and that” as my schedule allows.

  • Emmigrant Lake Outdoor Center website
  • AI Revolution Book art and website
  • Northwest Memory Center website, logo, branding, illustration and social media
  • Bee Audio Website upgrades for front end users and admin functions
  • Quincera Invitations

I was the creative force for the marketing efforts. This included managing the website, and upgrading it continuously. A major upgrage was creating a product page to include visual representation of the scores of different and overlapping options for products.

I also designed and oversaw production of all the graphics, forms,  signage for the retail locations, SEO, product photography, and created marketing plans & promotions for store and screen. Most promotions were seassonal or driven by popular culture and movie tie-ins.

My title was “Website Production” which basically meant I was the Front end developer. Most days I took psd’s and sometimes indd’s from the various designers and built the websites and added the content, then passed it over to the SEO operators. This organization used Joomla and WordPress for the majority of projects. I also provided techincal solutions to solve management and designers requests. Other main tasks included website maintenance, complex migrations, and hosting chores.

I opened a brick and mortar design studio in downtown Sisters, OR. and offered full spectrum web and print design service with onsite digital printers.
Most of the work was small business websites and promo items like flyers and brochures. I did a few cool things over these years, but the most important lessons I learned were for the project admin side of everything. Check out some screens from the archives.

I created and managed the ecommerce
site, designed product labels, coordinated
asset production, managed quarterly
promotions & SEO marketing efforts

See my Process for creating sweet websites.

The websites I create are much more than a pretty face. With many years of experience managing websites and ecommerce, I feel the pain of clunky interfaces and redundant effort, so I also focus on those who use the website the most. The admins! -heart-

About me personally

My journey started in 1998 when I began to study multimedia and graphic design @ Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz CA. This was during the dot com boom, and I was just over the hill from the Silicon Valley, the creative energy everywhere was electric. I was an iron worker and in demolitions but knew deep down it wasn’t my passion, despite how much I did enjoy bashing walls and building ornate iron works. While I began with computer science and networking I realized the artistic side of tech was my true place…