Bee Audio

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Bee Audio is one of the world’s largest voice talent and audiobook production companies.
This WordPress website features a searchable database of thousands of audio samples and hundred of narrators profiles that can be filtered by scores of dialects, origins, and genres.

Bee Audio needed a way to provide it all in an intuitive way for the visitor. It also had to be easily updatable for the website management team.


More Deets:

Bee Audio had gone through several WP developers that had problems realizing their vision of filtering and search functionality. I rebuilt the pages with custom post types and instead of using categories for the narrators and posts for the samples (gak). I created a many-to-one parent-child relationship between the narrators and samples. This wasn’t only a better structure, it also made it easier for the website administrators to manage. While an administrator is editing a narrator they can add samples and details right through that narrator custom post page without leaving.

Another initial problem that was of paramount importance was that during the regular WordPress and plugin updates…. things would break. I ended up removing a bunch of conflicting, old/unsupported, and hodgepodge plugins.

Instead of that splattery mess, I developed nearly everything that was needed in a single unified toolset with a perpetual lic. This removed the fear of the “update monster” (their words).

I also suggested and built Narrator profiles pages, previously there were just audio samples with narrator details. I felt it was a shame (and poor UX) to not have specific profile pages with samples for the narrators. I mean the narrators are who gets hired, not the audio sample…

This revamp mainly consisted of:

  • Custom post types: Narrators,
    Editors, Narrator Samples, Narrator_Submissions, Each with their own custom
    fields, and views/includes/hooks.
  • Complex Searching & Filtering, Ajax powered
    results, and infinite scrolling instead of
  • Narrator Profiles with auto-populated fields
    determined by both the child posts and
  • Image resize, compress, and crop on upload.
  • Vastly improved WP admin management flow.
  • Migrated 30gigs of fields and data from the broken
    system to the new system!
  • Custom sign-up forms for would-be narrators. These narrators were a duplicate custom post type to the narrators with the same fields. When approved the post was moved to the live narrator post type. This makes management of the submissions and lists much easier for the website administrators. Down with double-entry tyranny!

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Custom Post Types | Data | Development | Information Architecture | Membership | Migrations | User Experience | Websites | Wordpress