Photo Composition

This project was so fun! I’m such a comic nerd going back many decades, it was a treat to bring these characters to life.

Creating a design that could be carried across various media while showing the super hero personality proved to be the funnest kind of challenge.

All the images produced also would be used across media types in different advertising efforts including a calendar, social media promotions and product highlights for sales.

The Deets:

Project Type: Compositions | Illustration | Model Photography | Photography | Visuals

Studio photography with a Canon 5D iv and composition in photoshop*.

Check out the Calendar that was printed onsite using a digital press with a booklet module in short runs and on-demand. This was a very cost-effective method of production.


*A few of these photos shown here are taken by me, and some were previously shot and were provided for the compositions. All composition work and production is by Tai Hunter.


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