Horse Guard Packaging

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Designing the flagship product for Equine Nutrition Inc. was an honor. If you know horses, performance horses especially, you know the importance of thier diet, and you probably know that Horse Guard is the premiere, the creme de la creme, of horse vitamin supplements.

The design took a fun twist because the bags were metallic silver in color… The red parts of the bag were made with a transparent color to let the metallic sheen show through. This is a 5 color print where an opaque white layer was laid down before any colors.


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Graphic Design & Production Management.

This product presented a few interesting considerations in the package design. It had to be element and temperature resistant, due to where this product will be kept after purchase. It also had to be catchy enough for the eyes in a sometimes dimly lit and crowded shelf area. This was also the flagship product of the company, so it should reflect the care and values of the company at first glance.

The results were impressive enough that the following designs for other Equine Nutrition products followed this same pattern. 5 more label designs used transparencies.

Packaging design is a specialized type of design that is more “mission critical” than most. Consumed product packaging design is a bit more challenging than other packaging types. A simple typo can cause not only costly reprints and shipment delay but will even cause a product to be pulled from the shelf by government health and safety regulators. Each revision had to be sent and approved by the Dept. of Agriculture throughout the design process.

Fun Fact: Animal supplements are regulated differently than human supplements! An interesting part is that the wording used for the label, it can’t say things like “helps soothe joint pain” even though a human supplement can say that. Instead images have to be used to show joint inflammation / sootheing / etc.

After many sample bags from many companies, a perfect match of features with pricing and quantity ratios was found at Pacific Bag who did a fantastic job throughout the production pipeline and printed gorgeous bags and labels.

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