Design and Production for Printed Materials

Over the course of two decades or so I have worked with just about every type of print-based design project.

  • Packaging
  • Business cards and brochures
  • Large format & and POP signs
  • Economical quick print
  • Catalogues
  • Unique inks and papers

With close ties to tradesman only printshops and production facilities, I can get competitive pricing for all types of printed media.

Wanna check out a few things I’ve designed and printed?

I have included some examples here with wide ranging parameters and requirements. Most of the work I do is for the simple things like Packaging, Labels, Business Cards and Brochures, etc. but I love creating projects with unique inks, or metallics or problems solving for a difficult issue. The task as well as the results are what get me up in the morning. lol.

Flyer for the end of Alzheimers Conference at Northwest Memory Center

Promotional Business Assets

Project Type:
Business Essentials | Printed

Misoya Sushi & Bistro menu - sushi

Misoya Menu

Project Type:
Business Essentials | Graphic Design | Printed

Calendar – Ravenswood

Project Type:
Business Essentials | Printed

AI Revolution Cover

Project Type:
Graphic Design | Illustration | Printed | Visuals

Horse Guard Packaging

Project Type:
Packaging | Printed

Invites | Quincenera

Project Type:

A little bit of my background in print based design and production

I started as a graphic designer in a print-shop in Santa Cruz way back in 1998, doing basic client intake and file prep for the plates which included a lot of re-creating the assets submitted, things were more fussy back then). I witnessed the print industry go through seismic changes: from darkroom film and imagesetter plates, then direct to plate, and now fully digital. Sometimes it feels like a totally different industry, but some things never change; core design principles, typography and color theory.

I’ve been blessed to witness the breakneck speed of innovation and decentralization of the whole design and production pipeline, and was fortunate to begin in a time when so much effort was required for small things. It really makes one analyze the design and production process carefully when undo’s can’t go past 5 iterations (looking at you photoshop v5.0), not to mention the cost of service bureaus and re-plating mistakes! All this makes for a glorious design revolution that we’re in the midst of.